About Us.

Who are we? We are Tanooki Group! 

An innovative powerhouse with creativity, popularculture and marketng in mind. 

We want to create a hub, an empire, where ideas can flow, innovation flurrish and new thinkers get a hold of their visions. 

Tanooki Group is not just one company, one brand. It’s multiple. We want the space and room to innovate freely. To make our visions and ideas flow. That is just not possible if you restraing yourself. 

“Der er ingen bånd, som binder mig” – Pinnochio. (it’s danish and it tells a lot about our ability to think and dream big)

Our Mission.

Our mission is to create a new innovative space. To make ideas possible, think big and be affraid of the unknown and being different. 

We want to reshape the future, set our marks on the world, and do something remarkable. 

if one is giftet with the possiblity to do great things, we believe that’s a duty. 

Creating a huge and innovative empire, a playground and a big experiment consisting of ideas and vision beyond the one the world already has senn. That is our goal. 

We are not affraid of new perspectives. We are not affraid of doing it all in a different way. We strive with the risks, the adventures and the epicness that may follow. 

We dream big. 

Our Story.

It all began with a good idea. We wanted to create something and to do something. Something specatular and different. 

Let us begin with the name “Tanooki”. Where does that come from? It’s a japanese animal, called the Tanoki. It looks a little like a racoon, but it’s different. Just as we are. 

Why did we create a company consisting of multiple other companies? We could not simply just go with one idea. We saw some synergies betweem the whole “digital umbrella”, as we tend to call this whole “thing”. Others call it “big rig”, but if you Google that, you will se trucks, and lots of them. 

Next a little about the humans behind the all.  

Liva comes from a world of coding with a good amount of “real life” experience. A good sense of seeing the bigger picture and the ability to follow ideas, she’s an innovative powerhouse, and of the reason why Tanooki became a thing. 

What about Thomas? He started a marketing agency back in 2018, it became a succes, it was sold, and know he stand here. He had a good idea, a vision. Greater than the one with the marketing agency. He likes thinking big. That is the drive. 

We strive to achieve the impossible. This is because we believe nothing is impossible. Our world needs innovative and curious humans more than ever before. We want to be those humans. 

We want to create our own story, make our own marks on the world and be remembered for what we have done. 

That is our story. It has just begun.